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Where Can I Go to Fix My Smile in Harbor East?

Older woman relaxing on her couch We can create a beautiful smile and correct problems with our minimally invasive restorative procedures! If you have damaged, decayed, or missing teeth, we can perform a series of restorative and tooth replacement procedures to give you your strong, functional teeth back.

What Can You Do About My Damaged/Decayed Teeth?

When it comes to repairing teeth, nothing does it better than a dental crown. A crown is simply a tooth-shaped restoration that fits over the top of a damaged tooth, and it can be used to repair a tooth that is chipped, cracked, broken, or decayed. Dental crowns are quite versatile, and they can do everything from restoring a tooth’s lost structure to improve its appearance. It all depends on your needs, and at Harbor East Dental, we’ll make sure your restoration is strong, durable, and lifelike alongside the rest of your smile. 

In fact, crowns can also be used to help replace a single missing tooth or even a few in a row. After placing crowns on either side of the missing one(s), Dr. Burdusi and Dr. Fiastro can bond them to prosthetic teeth that fill the gap, creating something called a dental bridge.

In either case, both crowns and bridges typically take only two easy visits to complete. 

Will My Fillings be the Same Color as My Teeth?

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Damaged or severely decayed teeth can be saved with composite fillings. Composites are metal-free solutions for restoring and strengthening the tooth. Dr. Burdusi or Dr. Fiastro may recommend composite fillings to restore a damaged tooth.

Will a Root Canal Save My Infected Tooth?

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You don’t have to live with tooth pain and discomfort because of an infected tooth any longer. Dr. Burdusi or Dr. Fiastro may recommend root canal therapy to treat infected pulp in the teeth and restore the tooth. Getting a root canal in Baltimore, MD is a relatively simple process and can preserve your natural teeth while improving your overall oral health.

Will My Damaged Tooth Need to Be Removed?

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Severely damaged or decayed teeth may need to be removed completely. We can perform a surgical or simple tooth extraction to improve your oral health. If you have suffered the effects of severe gum disease, have fractured teeth, or are preparing for a cosmetic procedure, you may be a good candidate for a tooth extraction.

Will My Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

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If an impacted or erupted wisdom tooth is causing pain or tooth decay, it must be removed immediately with a simple tooth extraction procedure. Our oral surgeon on staff, Dr. Victor Kit, can perform a wisdom tooth removal procedure right in our office. Many wisdom teeth are mal-aligned and damage the bite and need to be removed.

If you’re walking around with dental pain or a tooth that prevents your smile from looking its best, you no longer have to. Our restorative services can give your smile back everything it has lost and more, and we’ll make sure your restorations are built to look great for years to come. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.