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Baltimore Orthodontics young man with glasses and healthy smileIn the past, the only way to straighten the teeth involved traditional metal braces, and this prevented many people from undergoing orthodontic treatment. They simply didn’t want to deal with the hassles and appearance of braces, but thanks to Invisalign, they no longer have to. Dr. Ward can use this revolutionary treatment to straighten teeth without altering a patient’s daily appearance, giving them the best of everything. You can finally get the straight smile you’ve always wanted without metal braces with treatment from our skilled orthodontists.

How Does Invisalign Help Straighten Teeth?

Invisalign is an innovative and customized solution for straightening the teeth. If you have considered metal braces but do not want to deal with the aesthetic concerns associated with metal brackets and wires, consider the benefits of clear braces. Invisalign is designed to be a discreet method for straightening the teeth and gives the patient the option to remove the aligner trays as needed. Each tray is custom-made for your teeth and mouth to ensure optimal results. With a digital scan, you can see how Invisalign will straighten your teeth within minutes.

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What Are Orthodontic Acceleration Systems?

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Orthodontic Acceleration Systems are specifically designed to help you get a straighter smile even faster. They make it easier for the teeth to shift comfortably, which will allow your orthodontic treatment to work much more efficiently.

One system we use is called Propel. After you have begun treatment, you can periodically come in for a Propel appointment. This small, handheld device will be used to painlessly make small holes in the bones surrounding your teeth. This will help increase blood flow and bone growth in the area, which will allow your teeth to move much faster.

Another system is called Acceledent, and it involves using a device you’ll actually be able to take home. Treatment only takes about 20 minutes a day, and it’s completely painless. With Acceledent, you’ll place your teeth into a small mouthpiece connected to a handheld device, and then turn it on. This will cause tiny vibrations to be sent directly into your teeth. These disturbances help accelerate the cellular activity that allows the teeth to move. With Acceledent, your results will be exactly the same, but it will just take much less time.

Another system is a surgical procedure called Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO). This system is also called Wilcodontics. Our Periodontist performs a procedure to add bone and gum to help the teeth move 50% faster. We are happy to provide more information about this procedure as an option.

Thanks to our orthodontic treatments, you’ll soon be able to say “goodbye” to your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. With Invisalign, you can straighten your smile in the most subtle way ever, and thanks to our Acceleration Systems, you’ll save months of treatment time as well. If you’re ready to get a straight and beautiful smile, please contact us today.