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Affordable Inner Harbor Dental Implant Costs

Dentist showing large-scale dental implant model to patient

For our patients who are considering treatment with dental implants, the cost of treatment is usually the biggest deterrent. The Harbor East Dental team understands that the initial investment required for implant supported tooth replacement can seem overwhelming. However, this is an investment in a tooth replacement prosthetic that looks and feels like healthy, natural teeth and can last for a lifetime with proper care. If you’re interested in learning more about Inner Harbor dental implant costs and how we help patients fit the cost of dental implants into their budgets, call us today. We’ll do our utmost to answer questions over the phone, but if we can’t provide all of the information you want, we can also schedule a one-on-one dental implant tooth replacement consultation.

The Price of Implant Posts & Surgical Placement

Model of smile with implant fixed bridge

The bulk of the cost of implant supported tooth replacement actually comes from the price of the dental implant posts themselves. Depending on the type of implant, material used, and the manufacturer, a single dental implant post can cost anywhere from $500 to $3000 (more in some rare cases). This is the price of just the implant post itself prior to the placement and restoration. Luckily, for patients who need more than one implant, most manufacturers offer discounts on additional implants, and as long as the implant posts are placed on the same day, surgical cost remains basically the same whether you need one implant or several.

Additional Treatment Costs

Panoramic dental x-rays with six dental implants

In addition to the costs of the individual implant posts and their surgical placement below the gum line, you should also take into consideration the following additional services that also increase the cost of your treatment plan:

  • Preparatory procedures – like tooth extraction and bone or soft tissue grafting
  • Sedation dentistry – to ensure complete comfort throughout implant supported tooth replacement
  • Replacement teeth – from a single dental crown to bridges, partials, and full dentures

Dental Insurance & Implant Dentistry

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Unfortunately, most dental benefit providers do not offer coverage for dental implants or their surgical placement. However, in many cases, your dental insurance policy will cover some of the other aspects of care including your preparatory extractions or grafting procedures, dental sedation, and tooth replacement prosthetics. This can help to offset the costs of dental care for advanced dental implant supported tooth replacement plans.

Helping You Finance Dental Care

Smiling woman in dental chair

Before we begin your implant supported tooth replacement plan, we’ll take the time to carefully review every step of the process and their costs before we begin. Our knowledgeable dentistry team will take the time to submit preauthorization requests to your insurer to make sure you will receive the maximum benefit. Then, we’ll explain the out of pockets costs of each step of the treatment process. Finally, if you’re in need of financing, we are happy to work with CareCredit to provide low and no interest payment plans for qualified patients.