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Dental Implant Technology

Innovative Smile Restoration

Smiling man in dental chairDental implants are easily the best tooth replacement solution available today. We utilize these advanced restoration options to replace missing teeth from the roots up, recreating your healthy tooth structure. In order to complete these advanced tooth replacement plans, we utilize a wide range of advanced dentistry technologies. Staying up to date on the latest innovative technology has vastly improved every aspect of the dental office. We are able to offer treatments that are faster, safer, more comfortable, and more precise. When it comes to complex restoration plans using dental implants, the latest technology is essential. If you want to learn more about the technology and treatment planning process for dental implant tooth replacement at Harbor East Dental, call our Inner Harbor dental office to schedule a tooth replacement consultation today.

Digital Dentistry

Older woman pointing to flawless smile

We have incorporated digital technologies into all aspects of our practice. You’ve likely seen our digital x-rays and images when you visit us for preventive or restorative treatments. These digital images make it possible for us to diagnose oral health concerns in earlier stages, more precisely plan treatment, and maybe most importantly, digital x-rays and images allow you to take more of an active role in your own oral health care plan. You can see the x-rays and images of your smile on our chairside monitor, making it easier for you to understand oral health concerns and the treatments we recommend.  In addition to improving the treatment process in our dental office, digital technology has also improved our communication with the dental lab. We can immediately send our treatment plan to the lab, cutting down on the time it takes for them to begin creating your dental restorations.

3D CT Scanning

Model of implant retained fixed bridge

The most important technology we utilize for the dental implant process is the 3D CT scanner. This advanced digital x-ray tool is used to create a complete, three-dimensional picture of the jaw, skull, and entire bite. When it comes to dental implant treatment planning, CT scans give us all the necessary information to flawlessly recreate your lost teeth and ensure they function within your smile line.

Guided Surgery

Woman receiving 3D CT scan

Below the gum line, there are numerous important structures like jawbone and nerves. We use surgical guides in order to place a dental implant post in the best location to ensure it will fuse with the supportive bone and gum tissue without adversely impacting any of the other oral structures. These guides allow us to target the ideal dental implant positioning and improve your chances for successful implant placement for a lifetime of healthy smiles.