How many times have you been in a movie theater or watching TV and felt as though you needed to put on sunglasses in order to avoid being blinded by the radiance shining off of the teeth of those on the screen? White teeth have been assigned as a symbol of health and cleanliness, and if yours display a bit more stain than those of celebrities, you might think that there is something wrong with your dental care regimen. In reality, you may be doing just fine at taking care of your teeth, yet simply need to receive the same sort of cosmetic dentistry treatment that those whose smiles you envy likely already have.


Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Are the Answer


Professional teeth whitening treatments are often the secret to the beautiful smiles showcased by the Hollywood elite. Such treatments differ from over-the-counter solutions in that they deliver results that are much more evident and sustainable over time. That’s because your local cosmetic dentist uses bleaching agents that are much more concentrated than those used in store-bought kits. Yet your dentist’s expertise allows these powerful whitening treatments to be administered safely and effectively.


Making Teeth Whitening More Affordable


Exactly how much does it cost to enjoy a stain-free smile? That depends on the dental practice where you have your treatment done, yet on average, professional teeth whitening in Baltimore, MD does not exceed $650. For some, that may not seem like much, yet for others, it may be. If you fall into the latter group, not to worry; the front office staff at your local cosmetic dentistry practice can typically assist you in making this service more affordable. Some of the payment options that they offer may include:


·         Discounts on up-front payments

·         In-house credit programs

·         Extended payment plans


The days in which it was assumed that only the rich and famous could afford the services of a cosmetic dentist have long since passed. Today, our dental care providers here at Harbor East Dental Care offer affordable teeth whitening services that allow you to enjoy the self-confidence that comes with a beaming smile. To learn more about the cosmetic procedures that we offer, or to discuss your payment options, call and make an appointment with us today.  Conveniently located close to Federal Hill, MD and Canton, MD