When you are busy taking care of your family, friends and job, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. One commonly neglected area of self-care is dental treatment. Maybe you are nervous about receiving painful treatment, or maybe you think you do not have enough time or money for an appointment. Whatever your reasons are for avoiding the dentist, Harbor East Dental Care wants to change your mind. We provide affordable dental care in Baltimore, MD, and we have three good reasons why you should let us into your life.

 1. Payment Plans Available

 Dr. Marina Bardusi and Dr. Owen Jordan are passionate about caring for their patients, and they do not want your oral health to suffer due to financial constraints. That is why our practice offers a variety of payment plans to make treatment as affordable as possible. In addition to accepting most types of insurance and dental credit, we also offer discounts, specials and payment plans that make even advanced treatments accessible to more people.

 2. Comfortable Treatment Options

 Dental procedures have a reputation for being painful, which is one reason why many people avoid them. However, dentistry has come a long way in recent years, and these days there are many options for minimally invasive treatments with quick recovery times. Pain management techniques have also become more sophisticated, so you can get the treatment you need no matter how sensitive you are to pain.

 3. Long-Term Health

 The most important reason to maintain your oral health is that it is a vital component of your overall health. Untreated dental conditions can drastically affect your other body systems, so if you take care of your teeth and gums while they are still healthy, you will reduce your risk of developing additional health problems over the years.

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 At the Harbor East Dental Care office, conveniently located near Federal Hill, MD and Canton, MD, we welcome you with open arms so you never have to feel stressed or intimidated by dental procedures or costs. Call us today to schedule your consultation appointment.