Not everyone is thrilled with the idea of going to the dentist, even if it's just for a regular check-up. If you're among those, know that comfort is easily attainable with the help of sedation dentistry offered at Harbor East Dental serving Federal Hill, MD, Canton, MD & the greater  Baltimore, MD area. Learn how you can finally relax and make it easier on yourself when it comes to improving your teeth and overall oral health.


Understanding Sedation Dentistry


One of the best things about sedation dentistry is that there are different levels of sedation, which means you have options when it comes to choosing a level that fits your overall dental anxiety and comfort levels. Different levels include:


·         Minimal sedation, in which you remain conscious but relaxed

·         Moderate sedation, where you may not recall much of the procedure

·         Deep sedation, in which you're asleep but easily awakened

·         General anesthesia, where you're fully unconscious


Besides different levels of sedation, different methods are used to induce sedation. For instance, you can breathe in laughing gas through a mask, take a sedation pill about an hour before your procedure, receive sedation intravenously or receive your anesthesia during the actual procedure.


Change the Way You View a Trip to the Dentist's Office


The great thing about turning to sedation dentistry to address your dental anxiety is that it can make it easier on you to keep up with your dentist appointments. You can keep your appointments, not be as nervous during the days and hours leading up to your appointments and maintain your oral health. Don't let your fears or anxiety keep you from having the best smile possible.


The professionals of Harbor East Dental are here to take great care of you and do everything possible to alleviate any unease you might have about the dentist. Reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about sedation dentistry.