There are few things that can help you feel more confident and at ease than knowing you have an amazing smile. Today, patients have more options than ever to help them get and keep beautiful smiles they can be proud of, including the orthodontic system, Invisalign. Here are five reasons

Invisalign may be right for you:

1. Discretion

The Invisalign system is made up of a series of clear aligners that are designed to move your teeth incrementally over time. These aligners are so clear that many patients report family and friends didn’t even know they were in treatment. If you are worried about the cosmetic effects of traditional braces, Invisalign may be a great alternative for you.

2. Eating Is a Breeze

Eating is one of the most difficult parts of other orthodontic treatments. With Invisalign, you simply remove the aligner when you eat, then brush and floss to ensure your teeth are clean before using the aligner again. This means you can eat your favorite foods without worrying about damaging the trays.

3. Faster Treatment

The typical duration for treatment using Invisalign is between 12 and 18 months. This is about one-third the time it takes for some patients to complete treatment with traditional braces. 

4. Less Time at the Dentist

Traditional brackets and braces are usually delicate and require a great deal of adjustment and maintenance from an orthodontist to ensure that they are working properly and not causing you any discomfort. Patients need much less supervision while on the Invisalign system, so you don’t spend so much time at the dentist.

5. Comfort

One of the greatest advantages to Invisalign is how comfortable it is. There are no wires or brackets to irritate the gums, and the trays use less force to move the teeth in a less painful way.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign, contact Harbor East Dental Care for more information. We are ready to get you started on the best course of treatment for your situation.