Dental implants provide patients with a great alternative to traditional dentures and other bridgework. While dental bridges continue to deliver treatment solutions that are ideal for many people, not everyone is going to find dentures to be the best solution. There are many benefits to dental implants that might make them the ideal treatment solution for you. The Harbor East Dental Care team has helped many people discover how dental implants can improve their oral health and quality of life. We can help new patients learn more about the benefits of dental implants.


How Can Dental Implants Help You?


There are many factors that contribute to a patient’s decision to select dental implants as their preferred course of treatment. These are four of the reasons that make implants stand out as the right choice:


·         Appearance: Dental implant crowns (the visible portions) are made of high quality dental porcelain that has a very natural appearance. Each crown is crafted to match the appearance of adjacent teeth so a more perfect smile is the result.

·         Long-term costs: While dental implants have the potential to require greater initial investment than dental bridges, implants will never need to be replaced. This can spell significant savings in the long-term.

·         Single tooth replacement: In many ways, dental bridgework is best suited to replacing a series of teeth. Dental implants can replace single teeth as well as a series. Even full dentures can be made using implant technology.

·         Security: Because dental implants are permanently fixed in place with the help of titanium posts, chewing, biting, and speaking are all highly secure. You never have to worry about slipping or poor bite grip.


Are Dental Implants Right for Me?


Because the care needs of each individual patient will vary, not every care solution will be a perfect fit. Speaking with Dr. Marina Burdusi or Dr. Owen Jordon is the first step to discovering if dental implants are an option you can consider. Schedule a consultation today to begin learning more.